About Kallie Ejigu

For me, story telling is the scaffolding for which all of humanity has been and will be built upon.

Since the age of 16, my belief in the power of journalism has propelled me to work and gain experience in print, radio, cable, satellite, and network television. In my most recent endeavor I was involved in booking talent and guests, gathering legal and court documents, primary and secondary research, fact-checking, organizing feeds, and shooting and editing content for NBC’s primetime long-form investigative show “Dateline” and Peacock Productions. Additionally I’ve worked on network coverage of the 2012 Presidential elections, the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook tragedy, the trial of Oscar Pistorius, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Oklahoma tornadoes. All of this continues to provide a context of the behemoth that is media: its production, consumption, and influence on a truly national scale.

Just prior to NBC, I worked with Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS), which airs in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. As the Executive Producer and host of an hour-long interview program called “The Benchmark with Kallie Ejigu”, my skills in research and question molding were truly challenged as I needed to learn new angles in perspective and exposition. Simultaneously I earned my Master of Arts in Media and International Development at Georgetown’s Culture, Communication, & Technology program. I learned the power of the image on not only politics and development but on culture, society, and the individual. In the Summer of 2011 I spent a month in Morocco, studying these facets on the ground through courses on development and post-colonial North Africa.

Dialogue and cross-cultural exchange stem from a consciousness or experience of communication with the other, and today there is no greater platform than that of journalism, no matter its medium. It’s my passion to be a part of this vehicle; my raison d’etere.

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